RF STUDENT MENTORING PROGRAM                                              

Want to improve student behaviors, engagement, attendance, self-esteem, and self confidence?  We Have The Answer -> RF Student Mentoring Program!!!  CLICK HERE to sign up, and get the whole program, including the Goal Setting/Roadblocks Curriculum!  Think that implementing a mentoring program is too difficult? We have the answers for you.  Watch the quick video and learn how we can help a para or parent run the whole program for you!

Schools Can't Do Everything - Lean On the Community!

The RF Student Mentor Program is a great way of getting community members involved with your school.  We can't make this lift alone in education.  Opening school doors for community members to help will increase the amount of support offered and accelerate the growth of students in so many ways!

Our family has RF Mentoring designs!  Hook up your mentors or mentees with some gear that showcases that they are proud to be part of the program.  Get the CARHOPPER sticker/magnet pass so that your parents who are in the pick up line for hours can use their time wisely and come into the school to mentor!

You can also check out our other positive designs with messages that celebrate, empower, recharge, and build-up others.  All of our family helps out with these designs! Honestly, the kids have the best ideas.  From our STICKERS and MAGNETS for as little as $1, to our T-SHIRTS, you'll find something for you and the whole family!                    

Providing families and educators with short and long form content and strategies to help support kids academically, behaviorally, and socially.  We also throw in a little family fun in our YT Shorts too!

Recharge Your Educational Battery with the Xhausted Educators show!  It's a podcast in both audio and video form, that provides educators with opportunities to learn how to support students, in what can be an "xhausting" career.  New episodes drop every other Thursday.  As a member of the Teach Better Podcast Network, the Xhausted Educators podcast aims to bring in the best brains in the business so that everyone can benefit, learn,  grow together, and RECHARGE!

The Parents RechargED show is an audio podcast that drops new episodes every other Thursday.  Kyle Hill dives into a wide variety of topics to help parents who have kids that struggle in some capacity.  From deep dives into academic, behavior, and social-emotional support to his RechargED stories, you'll always have some ideas to take away from every episode.