All About...

Kyle Hill, the founder of the RechargED Family, is a father of 3 kids with their own unique challenges.  As an award winning educator, he has worked to support youth with needs for over 25 years.  He built the network as an extension of his passion to support kids with challenges.  Nicole Hill is a nonprofit coordinator for a program that focuses on bringing volunteers into early childhood centers to read books aloud to the children individually.  She is also an elected school board member of the local school district.  More importantly, Nicole is the Chaos Coordinator for the family as she organizes all the craziness.  The RechargED Family's mission is to help parents and educators so that they can better support the most important people in the world - OUR KIDS!

The RechargED Family Network was created by Kyle Hill, who is the CEO of Holding On To Learning LLC . He  provides content over a variety of platforms.  Kyle uses his extensive experiences as an award winning educator and ED resource leader, to provide information for families and other fellow educators, so that they can better support their kids.  His vast experiences in working with students with needs for many years, allow him to provide insight for others to learn from.  As a student who struggled himself in school with undiagnosed ADHD, Kyle believes in building confidence in kids by understanding each child's individual strengths.  He believes that  all children have abilities and we all need to find them, acknowledge them, and reinforce them, so that every child develops the strength to try to tackle their own areas of improvement.  

Kyle and Nicole will proudly tell anyone that their most important job is to be parents.  They outwardly express that parenting is anything but easy.  In fact, they have absolute empathy for parents who are struggling, because their children have their own unique challenges too.  Nicole and Kyle are very open and honest about struggles as parents, and they understand that it's just not easy.  In the house, they are working through the challenges of an anxiety disorder, Type 1 diabetes, a hearing impairment, ADHD, and more.  Kyle too is a proud ADHDer and uses his own personal experiences to support his son and daughter in their own individual ADHD journeys.  Nicole is known as "super mom", the super hero who glues everything together for the family.  She also attempts to make her own imprint on the world as the coordinator of a non profit Reading program for Pre-K students as well as  an elected official of the local school board.  Despite all of their work outside of the home to support kids, their family is their absolute number #1 priority!

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kyle at .  You can also send him a direct message on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok @rechargedfamily.