Thanks for stopping by the RechargED Family Network homepage. In this space we work to support the "Recharger" in your life. You know, the child or student that needs some extra help academically, behaviorally, socially-emotionally, etc.... The RechargED Family is a multi media network that provides FREE content and resources for parents, guardians and educators, because you shouldn't always have to pay to get some extra help as a caregiver or educator just to help a child who is struggling in some way. We hope that you find value in the content, resources, and services that we provide.

Providing families and educators with content to help support the child in your life who may be struggling in some way. Here you will find informational videos and resources about a wide variety of topics to help your "Recharger"!

The Parents RechargED show is an audio podcast that drops new episodes every other Thursday. Kyle Hill dives into a wide variety of topics to help parents who have kids that struggle in some capacity. From deep dives into academic, behavior, and social-emotional support to his RechargED stories, you'll always have some ideas to take away from every episode.

The Xhausted Educators Show is a podcast in both audio and video form (on our RechargED Family YouTube channel), that provides teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, and anyone else in education opportunities to learn how to support students, in what can be an "xhausting" career. New episodes drop every other Thursday. As a member of the Teach Better Podcast Network, the Xhausted Educators podcast aims to bring in the best brains in the business so that everyone can benefit. learn, grow together, and RECHARGE!

Holding On To Learning LLC

This is our service-based business where Kyle Hill meets with individual families, and helps them by answering any school or outside organization related questions. He provides resources and information, in hopes of aiding parents or guardians in developing a greater understanding of how to help their child. No questions are too silly, and if you can't afford the donation-based service, you don't pay anything, with no questions asked! If you can afford to donate, it is solely a donation based payment of an amount that you choose! Any consultations are completely confidential. Feel free to direct message Kyle on Twitter or Instagram @rechargedfamily, email him at, or send him a text with your name and concern at 302-492-5117. He's happy to jump on a virtual call with you and help out in any way possible. As he will tell you from his own personal experiences, being a parent with a kid that struggles can be challenging to say the least.